2 Kings 7

  • Unbelief is sin.  We have the Bible and it’s truth.  Not believing the Word of God is not believing God.
  • The lepers give an example of sharing good news.  We are also to share the good news of the Gospel.
  • When God makes a threat, His threats are as certain as His promises.  We need to live our lives to be the recipient of His promises, and avoid anything that could heap His cursings upon us.


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2 Kings 6

  • Honest work is honest work.  Manual labor is not less honorable than mental.
  • Be as careful with others’ items as we are with ours.
  • Keep God’s commandments.  Cursing of Deut 28:53, 55 came to pass because they had turned from God.


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2 Kings 5

  • All healing comes from God
  • Beware of pride
  • Gehazi’s pride, manifesting as greed, is his downfall
  • In our lives we must be careful that an act of sin does not ruin our lives as well
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2 Kings 4

Five miracles of Elisha:

  1. Oil that keeps on pouring.
  2. Shunamite woman has a son.
  3. Raising the Shunamite woman’s son from the dead.
  4. Curing the poison from the stew.
  5. Feeding 100 with a few loaves of bread.

Applications from each of these miracles:

  1. Don’t get into debt.  If you are in debt pay it off honestly.
  2. Charity is giving to be kind, not as a means of trade.
  3. “It is well” if God’s will is being served.  Even in death.
  4. Even when eating, which helps to sustain life, we must remember that we may be called upon to die at any time, so we must have our soul be right with God.
  5. Help others when we can out of love, as Elisha fed the 100, and as Christ fed the 5000.
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2 Kings 3

  • Moab rebels against Israel
  • Jehoram asks Jehoshaphat for help
  • Elisha tells them how to get water for their army for Jehoshaphat’s sake, not their own
  • Look to the Lord first when seeking help, not last
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2 Kings 1

This week on OT Readings:

  • Then!  Actions have consequences.
  • Ahaziah fell and sends messengers to ask a god from another country if he’ll get better.
  • Elijah meets the messengers and tells them – No.
  • Captains of Fifty and their fifties get burned by demanding that Elijah come visit the king, and forgetting that God is the one who makes demands.
  • The third captain politely requests that Elijah come.
  • Elijah tells Ahaziah: Yes, really.  You’re going to die on that very bed.  You will not recover.  Really.

Learn from this:

  1. No one can harm someone God is protecting.
  2. The courage of faithful men puts terror into even the proudest sinner.
  3. Seek the Lord while He may be found.
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1 Kings 22

Today, on OT Readings,

  • Jehoshaphat allies with Ahab against Syria.
  • Micaiah prophesies Ahab’s death.
  • Ahab dies, as was prophesied.

Remember to stay after the reading for the comments.

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